Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Smile - In which Myla enjoys the couch

Myla, in the past, has not been allowed on furniture.  She hasn't been allowed on the couch or the chair.  She's allowed in bed but ONLY in the morning after I get up and sometimes on the weekends if I'm reading or watching tv in bed.  She knows she has to be called up onto the bed, she's not allowed to get up by herself.

So what happened?  Husband thought it would be cute if Myla started to get up on the couch.  So he started to call her up.  At first she wouldn't do it.  She knows I don't want her on the couch.  After lots of attemps by  Husband, she got up on the couch.  He loved it and didn't make her get down.   So the next day he called her up again and this time she got up.  Then I walked in and saw her...and she saw me...and she jumped down.  Mom doesn't like her on the couch.   The next day, Husband let her up on the couch again.  I walked in, saw her, she didn't get down, I gave her a kiss because she's so freaking cute on the couch!  Then she got down. lol!

It's rather funny.  She isn't as comfortable being on the furniture when I'm around, but she doesn't have a problem when Husband is around.  In fact, one night I was doing dishes and Husband left the family room.  He was gone for 5-10 min. When he came back he found Myla on the couch.  She stayed there even though she saw him.  He called me into the room to see what she did, I walked in, she jumped down. lol!  I think she forgot I was in the house.  As you can see, if our dog is any indication, I think we know who the tougher parent will be when we have kids.

I have to admit...she is adorable on the couch.  She's a bit big for it but she curls up and she enjoys it.   I do let her up on the couch now, how can I not? I am a push over afterall.  Oh, and before you ask, Husband thinks it's cute when she uses the pillows ands to give them to her. He sometimes covers her with the blanket too.  She tends to not care, just as long as she gets to stay on the couch.


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Looks like you instill "fear" in poor Myla...LOL She does look awfully cute and comfortably there -- after all Kris it is just a couch right....she's a people :)

bermudaonion said...

She looks so happy up there, I wouldn't be able to make her get down either. Our dog rules our house and goes wherever she wants.

Kris said...

Bibliophile - lol - I'm the main one that disciplines her (oh she looks cute..but she isn't always innocent. haha) so she knows she usually can't get away with much when I'm around. It is just a couch..I just don't like all the fur on it, but I'll learn to deal with it. :)

Bermudaonion - she does look very happy on the couch. She can get on the couch a lot easier than the we actually are starting to prefer her to get on the couch and not the bed since we worry about her legs/hips.

Taminator said...

That is so cute! I love how she knows Mom is really the one in charge.

Kris said...

Taminator - haha - it is rather funny isn't it?