Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankfully Reading Weekend - update 2

It's day two. It was off to a great start, I finished a book this morning since I woke up incredibly early. I stayed in bed and read until I finished Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans.  It's another great Christmas/Holiday read from Evans.  I'll, of course, get a review up soon...sometime this coming week probably.

I've started reading Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost.  So far it's good, but I'm only 43 pages into it.

I did have an almost 2 hour drive this morning (I say almost..the estimated time to get from my house to the race this morning was around 53 min per google, but I do tend to speed. haha).  Husband decided not to go with me (sniff sniff) and therefore I was able to listen to an audio book for the commute. I"m listening to The Temptation of the Night Jasmine.

Once I got back from the race, I did chill for about an hour and read, but then decided to go to the bookstore (of course!!!) and a craft store (supplies for Christmas presents..I swear!) since they both had good coupons and I wanted to take advantage of them.  Luckily, no major crowds and I got some great deals. I even found a book to give Husband for that I'm really excited about I think he'll actually enjoy has pictures. 

Now I'm off to read, but Husband is with his parents and I'm expecting a call telling me where they will be going to dinner so I imagine I'll be going to dinner with them tonight.

Tomorrow..I might work on making some Christmas gifts and my cards, but since I'll be listening to an audio book, that has to count right?  I imagine I'll wake up early and spend several hours reading in the morning though.  I'm actually really enjoying that, instead of getting up right away.  It's so relaxing.  Usually the dog knows I'm awake and she comes over and puts her nose on the book, so I let her up in bed and she snuggles with me (ok, fine, I'll admit it she just lays near me and I pull her close and hold her). It's the perfect start to a new day. 

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