Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Smile - Myla loves me

I recently had an out-patient (same-day) surgery and I think Myla felt the need to comfort me.  No worries, I'm ok, it was more of a diagnostic test but since it did require a "surgery" I had to take it easy and was sore.

Husband and I got home in the afternoon and within 10 min I had collected my book and some water and was headed to the bedroom.  Myla saw me and started prancing next to me and went ahead of me into the bedroom.  She knows me so well.   I called her up in bed and normally when it's just us in bed she will move to the Husband's side and lay there or at the bottom of the bed.  This time, though, she curled up next to me.  I read for a bit and then rolled over to nap.  When I woke up she had moved so that she was still next to me and she had her head buried in my upper back/shoulder blade.  awwww.......

The rest of that day, she stuck pretty close to me, even though I got out of bed for dinner and to watch some tv in the evening.  

Then, the next day, I was awake by 1am and after reading for a bit I decided to just get up and watch some tv and play on the pc.  I had the day off and planned to nap anyway, so might as well go in the other room where I wouldn't wake up the husband.  After about 20 min Myla followed me and I let her know she could get on the couch.  Normally when she's on the couch she will lay on one side and won't really lay on you or even with you, unless you invade her space.  However, she got up on the couch and sat next to me and looked at me.  This was weird.   So I moved over a bit.  She stayed where she was.  She moved her legs a bit, looked like she wanted to lay down but wasn't sure if she could.  So I patted my legs and said it was ok.  She actually laid down on me!  This is just not something she normally does.  Unfortunately she would move her head once in awhile and it would hit my stomach, which was sore.   After a bit I could tell she was uncomfortable and she stood up, and I moved my legs.  The picture below shows how we ended up.  The pinkish blanket is normally where she lays when she's on the couch.   Oh, and it's hard to tell but she is still laying on one of my legs. 

I had been watching tv but felt this was the perfect time to blog and play on the pc, but I have a 17" laptop screen so it's a bit bigger and I had trouble getting it to fit on my lap.  I actually ended up resting part of it on her head. haha!  

I often feel like animals can pick up on their parents (owners) feelings.  Even though I was just sore and achy, I do believe Myla picked up on that and wanted to be with me and comfort me.  How could you not love her?  I feel sorry for those who can't (or don't) spend their lives with a pet.  


bermudaonion said...

I think you're right - Myla wanted to take care of you! I've been known to rest our laptop on top of our dog when she insists on laying on my lap when I'm using it too.

Mary said...

I know our dogs sense when something is going on. A similar thing happened when one of my kids had knee surgery. The dog who normally doesn't like to cuddle would not leave my daughter's side for the first few days after the surgery. I'll bet there have been studies!
Hope you're well.

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - She did..she's so sweet. She stuck by my side for several days too. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who rests my pc on my pet. haha!

Mary - aww..sounds like you have had some great pets too. I'm feeling really good! It's been a week and for the most part I'm pain free. One of the incisions is annoying, but that's about it.