Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ghost Shadow by Heather Graham

#1 Bone Island trilogy
Copyright: 2010
Publisher: Mira
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 368
Challenges: Off the Shelf, Paranormal/Fantasy Romance, 1st in a series, Audio Book
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My rating: 3/5

Simple Description:
This book takes place in Key West.  Katie is in her 20's and her family has lived in Key West for as long as anybody can remember.   She is about to finalize the purchase of a museum that closed 10 years ago when a murder victim was found there, when one of the owners comes back in town and puts a stop to it. David was the ex-fiancĂ©e of the girl who was found murdered and he wants the museum to stay closed.   While he is in town he begins to dig into his ex-finance's murder, it's been 10 years and he hopes to finally find the guy who did it.

Then another girl goes missing.  Then a suspect goes missing.  Katie and David form a relationship but there is one thing she is keeping from him, she can see ghosts. In fact, she can see the ghost of the three murder victims.  Unfortunately they aren't able to tell her who killed them but she's hoping to get some clues from them so they can find the killer.

My Thoughts:
I'm a huge Heather Graham fan. I don't always read her books when they are first published but I always get excited.  I love how she weaves mystery and paranormal and romance.  I really liked Katie and David, individual and as a couple. They each have their faults but they are both likable characters.

The mystery aspect of the story kept me guessing.I had figured out who it was, but not by clues. Rather I tried to guess who wouldn't be an obvious choice and my guess worked.

Overall, an enjoyable read and another good story by the author.  I have the other two books in the series already so I hope to get to them within the next couple of months.

Audio Review:
The audio version of this book is read by Angela Dawe.  Overall I think she does a good job, I just have one complaint.  When the characters are talking to each other or thinking, she lowers her voice.  Which means I have trouble hearing it. I'm either stuck constantly messing with the volume or struggling to hear some parts.  Suppose this might not be an issue if listening to it at home when other noise is at a minimum but driving in the car on the highway it was an issue.     So..while I think Dawe did a great job, I'm not sure I'll listen to the rest of the trilogy.


bermudaonion said...

The book sounds good. I'm curious about why the narrator lowered her voice. That seems rather odd.

Kris said...

I wondered if she did it so it added to the reading, but it just mad it harder to hear. Like maybe she did it so we knew the characters were having a conversation or something. I'm not sure.