Monday, August 22, 2011

Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles - read-a-long Week3

This is week 3 of the Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles read-a-long hosted by the lovely ladies at the War Through the Generations challenge.  If you missed the week 1 and week 2 discussions, please take a minute to join the discussion.
This week, each of us had to read the Chapters 16-24.  Please be warned there will be spoilers if you have not read the chapters previously.

In Chapter 17, once Adair has escaped the prison in St. Louis and is searching for a way South, Jiles makes a point of demonstrating the nation in transition between farming and industrial and traditional and modern sensibilities.  How does she accomplish this and is it done well?
I actually didn't notice this until reading the question and then your answers.  I think perhaps because the focus was on her finding a hat and then a basket.  So those are the things that I focused on.  After reading your responses where you point it out, it does seem obvious to me now.   So I guess that I feel like it wasn't well done, if the hat and basket hadn't been so dominate I think I would have noticed.

These chapters center on two things — Adair’s escape and attempts to return home and Major Neumann’s journey to join his new unit and the battle where he loses part of his hand.  Which storyline do you find more interesting at this point?
I actually find Major Neumann's story more interesting.  I think because I like reading about the battles more and what the men experienced and went through.   Sure, Adair is dealing with some tough stuff too, but it doesn't interest me as much. 

What do you make of the woman and the daughter Adair stays with for a time?  Do you think these scenes are necessary?
I feel like they were a tad unnecessary but since it ends up with her discovering her horse, I can see why they are there.   Perhaps it could have been cut shorter?  A couple of thoughts though.   I think at first it shows how sick Adair was because she was going in and out.   Then it made me think worse of Adair because it appears after a bit she was feeling fine, yet not offering to help out around the house/yard.  So it seemed she was taking advantage of their hospitality and that made me think negativly of Adair.

Out of curiosity, do you think you would be as merciless as Lila and Rosalie or more cunning like Adair if you needed to steal to survive?
I would like to say that I would be very cunning, but I'm not sure I could pull it off. haha!

What is your overall impression of the book at this point?  Are you enjoying it more?  Less?
I'm enjoying it more because I like Major Neumann's story line.  Adair..I just can't connect with her and that's keeping me from really enjoying the story. 


Anna said...

I am enjoying Neumann's story more, too. I think it's great that you pointed out how Adair wasn't pulling her weight around the Spencer house. I see what you mean but didn't really pick up on it while I was reading because I was wondering what was up with them; they sort of creeped me out. ;)

Serena said...

I wish there was more of the major in this book to be honest.

Shelley said...

I was not very focused on the transition between farming and industry, and I think much of that must have gone over my head. I found the scene with the doctor interesting though.
I have yet to really like Adair. She still seems to be kind of flat and self-absorbed. I mostly just want her to be okay so that the Major can be happy. As long as he doesn't die. I keep worrying that will happen.

Kris said...

Anna - They were creepy! haha!

Serena - same here..more of the Major and the story would be a lot better.

Shelley - I forgot about the scene wit the Dr, that was an interesting part. I'm worried about the Major dying too, I really like him.