Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fallen by Traci L. Slatton

#1 trilogy
Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Telemachus Press
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 226
Author's Website
My rating: 3.5/5

Simple Description: 

Strange mist has descended on the Earth.  It destroys any kind of metal that's in it's path.  Living things as well.  I no time entire cities were wiped out.  Thousands of people were killed.  There are few survivors.  Emma was in Paris with her youngest daughter when the mists showed up.  They were lucky to survive.  In the time since Emma has gathered other children who are left without parents.

While in one village looking for supplies and food the mist shows up but they are luckily saved by some men on horseback. One of the girls Emma takes care of can see in to the future and she tells Emma that these men are safe and have a safe place.  Emma strikes a bargain with the lead guy and she is able to take her children to safety.

Slowly Emma find a spot for herself in this camp and starts to make it more livable for everyone.  She also becomes attached to the leader, more so than she expected since creating their "arrangement".  She also finds that her gift, since the mists arrived, of healing people has gotten around.  People show up at the camp looking for a healer.

Through all this Emma still has one desire, to get to Canada. A safe zone has been found and as luck would have it her husband and oldest daughter were in that city when the mists showed up. She has to believe they are alive still.

My Thoughts:

I do enjoy a good post-apocalyptic novel.  This one is no exception.  It's different from others I've read, I suppose I tend to read more of the vampire and zombie kinds.  I like that this one was different in that regard.

I enjoyed the character of Emma and the leader of the camp.   Emma is a very strong female character and those always make an impression on me.  She knows she puts herself in danger with some of the things she does but she always does it because she feels it is best for those she is trying to help.   She isn't perfect though and that's a good thing. A flawed character is a good character.

The leader of the camp is also a good character.  He is a very powerful leader but falls head over heals in love with Emma and doesn't care who knows.  He is very protective of her and therefore decides he can boss her around and he knows what is best. This doesn't go over well with Emma, which makes for a good (for the reader) relationship.

Overall, this was an excellent novel. I read it pretty darn fast, it just took awhile for me to get the review on my blog.

Thanks to the author, Traci Slatton, for sending me a copy of her book.


bermudaonion said...

Post apocalypse seems to be red hot right now. This sounds like a winner in the genre!

Kris Meyer said...

It is a hot topic right now but I'm ok with that since I like it and the husband does it keeps him reading a bit.