Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Pawn by Steven James

#1 Patrick Bowers
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Onyx
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 448
Author's Website
My rating: 4/5

Simple Description: 
Patrick Bowers is an FBI agent whose specialty is with environmental profiling.  He takes into account the location and time of a murder in order to track the killer and hopefully prevent the next kill.  He is asked to work on a serial killer case in North Carolina where he soon finds the killer is always one step ahead of him.

Things are made worse when he finds out the lead FBI agent is a woman who hates him and doesn't mind if his career is destroyed.  He also gets off on the wrong foot with the local profiler, an FBI agent he'll have to work closely with during the case.

At times it feels like they are getting closer to the killer but every time he gets a step closer he finds that he falls two steps back.

It doesn't help that the killer has mentioned his step-daughter.  He worries that she is in danger but whenever he tries to protect her, it backfires on him.  His wife died recently and they are both having trouble dealing with her death and getting close to each other.   As we all know you shouldn't take your personal problems to work but we also know that rarely happens. Unfortunately for Patrick that's true for him too.

My Thoughts:
I really liked the character of Patrick.  He is incredibly smart but also has his faults, which is good to see in characters.  I often wanted to shake him but at the same time can't help but sympathize with him and understand his reaction to things.

The mystery itself was fast paced and kept my interest.  Lots of twists and turns and while you alternate between Patrick's point of view and that of the killer, you still don't begin to figure things out till the end.  At least I didn't.

This is the first in a series and I can promise you I'll be reading the rest of them. I'm not sure when (you know how that goes) but I know I will.

I also think that a lot of you who like mysteries will enjoy this one, so give it a try if you get a chance.

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