Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pingo and the Playground Bully by Brandon Mull

Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Desert Book Company
Genre: young kids 4-8yrs
Pages: 32
My rating:  3/5

This is a children's book that I was offered for review and accepted.  I realize that R is much younger than the target audience but also thought I could still read it to her and put it in her library for when she is older. 

The book is very short and, as the title would suggest, is about playground bullies.   Several kids have imaginary friends and play together with these friends. However there is one kid who is mean, as is his imaginary friend.   One day the friends are playing together when there is a run-in with the mean kid.  Pingo, one of the imaginary friends, saves the day.

I thought the book was ok, but I'm an adult.  I think children would like it a lot better than I did. I thought it was good, but not great.  But then, I don't often love new books for this age group.  I also don't re-read ones I've considered favorites because I know I'll have a different perspective on it as an adult.  Although, I suppose that's going to change now isn't it? haha! 

I did read this one to R the day it arrived.  She seemed rather captivated by the bright colors and kept reaching towards the pictures and trying to grab things.  I would have to say she would give this book a glowing review. 

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bermudaonion said...

Kids will latch on to books that don't appeal to their parents, that's for sure! The cover of that book is adorable.