Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paco's Story Read-a-long - Chapter 6 & 7

This is the final read-a-long post for Paco's Story, chapter 6 & 7 were the last ones to read.  I reviewed the book earlier this week, so I won't do a re-cap with this post.

1.  What is the significance of the rape scene?  How does it change your opinion of Paco?
I think it shows us something that haunted Paco, possibly the reason he is having so much trouble adjusting to life back in the States and why he is haunted.  This happened right before his whole group was wiped out, except for him.  That has to have an impact on him.  In reading about it, I felt that while Paco wen't along with it, he wasn't always sure about it..he did have periods where he knew it was wrong, but yet he still went ahead with it.  Then, he was the only one left living.  He has to be asking himself why, why him.

2.  Cathy’s diary plays an integral role in Paco’s final decision.  Why do you think it has such a drastic impact?
 I think it shows him how people really feel about it.  At first, when her entries were about how he was handsome and intriguing, he felt good and he was going along with it.  Then it changed to where she didn't fee this way about him.  Possibly, she saw who he really was, and he had trouble with that.  I don't think he wants people to know just how much trouble he has with his own demons, when he's alone at night.  I also think that maybe he didn't really think about how people perceived him in this town,  yet reading her diary he found out how she felt, at least.

3.  What are some of the similarities between Vietnam and Boone, Texas?  Differences?
In some ways, the climate is similar.  Both places were hot and left him sticky with sweat.   He is also alone in Boone, Tx.  Nobody really wants to be around him...they mostly shy away from him.  I suppose this could be said about those who live in Vietnam, the enemy, too.

4.  Were you satisfied with the ending?  What are your overall impressions of the book?
In a way I'm not satisfied with the end, but then I am.  In the end he leaves Boone, Texas after finding out how others perceive him and finding out that somebody realizes just how haunted he is (even though it doesn't sound like she really gets it..she seems a bit more disgusted with it).  After learning this, he leaves.  Then the book ends.  I think it was a fitting end to the story, a good way to end the story.  However part of me wishes the book was a bit longer and we could learn more about his story and where he goes next and if things get better.

For my overall impressions of the book, check out my review HERE.   I did really enjoy this book, I'm very glad we read it.  I go into a bit more detail in my review though.


Serena said...

Thanks so much for participating. I've really enjoyed everyone's answers to the questions and the participation.

Jules said...

I never really drew on the climate of the diner and Vietnam trenches, being a similarity. I couldn't find any. Thanks for the thoughts.

Anna said...

I felt the same way about the ending. I can see why it ended the way it did, but I really wanted to know how Paco fared in the end. Thanks for participating!