Friday, October 8, 2004

Bloodroot by Susan Wittig Albert

In this China Bayles mystery China goes to Mississippi at the urgent request of her mother. Leathia is taking care of her Aunt Tullie at the old family plantation house. It seems Aunt Tullie has been sick for some time, but Leathia tells China she needs to come right away because it is urgent and could involve her Aunt and the police. China goes to Mississippi where she spents some time durring her childhood and soon discovers that there are a lot of family secrets in that old house. When the plantation manager goes missing - after he aproaches Aunt Tullie and Leathia with a deed stating his family actually owns the section of land the old plantation house sits on the police suspect Aunt Tullie. China arrives just in time to figure out what really happened with the plantation manager and to solve/uncover so old family secrets.

So far this is my favorite China Bayles book so far. I loved the setting, the old plantation house, the old family secrets, and the ghosts.


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