Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sleeping With Fear by Kay Hooper

This is the latest in the fear trilogy. I really enjoyed this story, of course I usually enjoy books by Kay Hooper.

Riley is working undercover, of sorts. She has told everyone she is on vacation but is really in town to research some strange occult activity and decide if it is something the local law enforcement needs to be worried about.

She wakes up one day and is covered in blood - and she doesn't remember how that happened. She also doesn't remember anything about the last 3 weeks and...she doesn't have her psychic abilities either. Riley needs to try and figure out what she is doing in this town, how much she can trust Ashe, the man she seems to be in a relationship with, and at the same time help the local law enforcement, and figure out what has happened with her abilities and try to get them back.

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bookwormaddict said...

This is one author I need to try:)