Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sugarplums and Scandal

This is another christmas book with novellas by variouse artists. I have read Mary Daheim before but the others were all new to me. I liked all of them, although the Dana Cameron was my least favorite - it took me longer to get through that one.

I was thinking of actually talking about each story but there are 6 of them, so...I'm too lazy. haha!

The reason I didn't like the one by Dana Cameron as much is because it is a historical mystery/romance and I have trouble getting into historical stories.

The one by Mary Daheim was good but since I have only read some in her b&b series, I kinda felt like I missing info since the same charactors were in this one. Although - I still enjoyed it.

Overall I really enjoyed this novel. It was a cute Christmas book.


Lover of Books said...

sounds like a good book but yeah may have to read the series first. LOL

Nessie said...

I just read Christmas Carol which is a novella as well. i would pick up these books often and it always the author I was familiar with that had the worst story. Funny? Irony? Bah!