Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aunt Dimity's Death by Nancy Atherton

This is the first in the mystery series.

Lori is down on her luck, divorced, unable to find a permanent job so she is working at a temp agency and barely getting by, then her mother dies and she has nobody left. Then one day she gets a letter from the law firm of Willis & Willis. She visits them and finds that the main charactor in the children's stories her mother used to read to her, Aunt Dimity, is or rather was a real person. Dimity has passed away and part of her will requests that Lori go to her cottage in England and reads the letters between her mother and Dimity and then write the forward on the book that will be published with these letters.

When Lori arrives at the cottage there are signs that Aunt Dimity is haunting the cottage. Plus in one of the letters Lori's Mother left her...it contained a photograph with a request for her to figure out what it means to Dimity.

This is a different type of myestery. Lori wasn't trying to figure out a murder, rather she was trying to solve a mystery that involved the past. I really liked this one and am so glad I have more in the series at home because I can't wait to read them.

new author/mystery/244 pgs


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I haven't read this one, but I've read a few others in the series and really liked them.

I'd heard that Atherton's sales were down and her contract might not be renewed. Hope that's since been corrected and we'll have lots more Aunt Dimity!

Erin said...

Now this sounds like something I'd definately enjoy, let me know how the rest of the series turns out!

Butterfly Amy said...

I really enjoyed this book too! Read it a couple of years ago and have since read 2 or 3 more from the series.. I'm looking forward to completing the series as well.
Glad to see you also enjoyed it!
Happy Reading!

Erin said...

I finished the book two weeks ago and ended up giving it a three star. It didnt hold enough oomph for me in the middle but the ending was lovely