Saturday, January 19, 2008

Author Visit: Eoin Colfer

Last night I went to see Eoin Colfer talk and sign books. Now, I know what you are all saying, why would I go when you know you haven't seen any reviews of his books on my site. Honestly, I've been wanting to read Artemis Fowl for a long time, I just never seem to get around to it. I noticed the author was coming for a visit and thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally buy some of his books because then I could get them autographed.

You will notice hubby isn't in the pictures. I asked him to go with me earlier in the week and because I had a cold I think he felt sorry for me and said he would think about it. Then he asked what time it was. I said 7pm, then made the mistake of saying " but doors open at 6pm" his response: "WHAT! for an author signing. oh boy..." Needless to say, he decided not to go. I even tried to bribe him with dinner at a restaurant close to the location, that didn't even work.

Readers, if you ever have the opportunity to see him talk, go. Even if you haven't read the books, it's worth it. He was wonderful. I thought his stories were great. I laughed through out most of it. He talked a bit about his new books and then told stories. The stories actually did tie into his books but they were great. He is a very funny man. Then kids would ask him questions and he would tell more stories. haha! I think sometimes some of the stories were more for grownups than the kids who were there, but the kids seemed to enjoy them too. If his writing is anything like how he was last night, I can tell I will like them.

Also, I was in the 4th group to get my books signed, and an older lady come up to me and asked if I was getting books signed, when I responded that I was, she gave me her ticket, which was for the 1st group. Wasn't that nice of her?! Then the lady in line behind me was nice enough to take my picture with the author and since she forgot her camera, I took her and her daughters pictures with the author and promised to send it. You meet the nicest people at book signings.

This part was added after I had the rest of it on my blog for a day. Athena, from the blog Writing Athena, commented on this entry and mentioned that she saw him in Dallas on the 20th (2 days after I did) and she also reviewed the author signing. I wanted to put a link to hers because she wrote it sooo much better than I did. So, click HERE and you will be taken to her review. Oh, and she reminded me of the authors interaction with a boy in the group ahead of me. After the author had signed books for the boy and his two younger brothers. The boy put 2 blank pieces of computer paper on the paper and asked if the author wouldn't mind writting a quick not to himself(the boy) and his friend Jay who couldn't attend the event. I don't remember what he wrote to the boy, but what he wrote to Jay had myself and the lady behind me laughing. I don't remember it word for word, but it went something like this:
Dear Jay, Sorry I can't make it to the meeting on Wednesday. Go with the powerpoint presentation and you should be fine. (and then he signed his name.
Haha! I thought that was sooo funny.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep, book people can be the greatest. The last time I was in Half-Price Books, another woman and I wound up helping a third lady who had just discovered the magic of reading.

Sounds like you had an awesome time. And who cares if you've never read an author's works? We love it when you come out to book signings -- how else do we get to connect and make you our readers???

nessie said...

I love author book signings~! I just saw Dave Eggers...

Anyways, ENJOY INKSPELL! I came out of my skin with that one. Book three is called Inkdeath and is being released this autumn so am told. I can not wait for the movie!!!

Anonymous said...

He's one of my favorite authors, you really should go out and read Artemis Fowl - he incorporates his humor into all of his books. I wish he would come up here sometime... -le sigh-

Athena said...

We went to hear Colfer's lecture in Dallas today. It was great! (See my blog for details.)

The autograph line was CRAZY! It took us an hour to get to the front of the line, but we were delighted by how congenial and kind Colfer was to each and every person in the line.

Anonymous said...

LOL My husband is the same way. If it has anything to do with my book obsession, he wants nothing to do with it!

April said...

What fun! It sounds as though you had a great time. I have Artemis Fowl on CD, so hope to get it listened to soon. It will be a first by this author for me.

cessie said...

I love book signings too. I didnt know Eoin Colfer yet, but I do love Irish writers so I might give it a try. Great photo btw.