Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Book Cover

My mom's b-day was this past Sunday. She had her boyfriend take her for a drive to go see some Eagles. They "think" they saw one. haha! The good thing is that they both like to drive around on country roads and through small towns, so they still had fun.

My mom came home with book covers. One for herself and one for me. I just love receiving gifts on other people's birthdays. haha!!

I'm included pictures of the book cover she gave me. It works really well! She was hoping it would fit the trade paperback size but it's a tad too small. It is made for mass market paperbacks though. I looked on the ladies website and she only has the mass market paperback ones for sale. Monday night I was telling my Mom how much I liked it and we got to talking and my Mom gave me the job of sewing some book covers to fit trade paperback. I was like, um, ok. haha! No...I'm excited to try it but will have to wait till hubby and I find a house because my sewing machine is in storage and my Mom's sewing machine is very very old.

If anybody is interested, the website for the designer is Http://


Lover of Books said...

That looks so cool and rather easy to do. But then my sewing machine is up at my parent's house and not here. lol

Bookfool said...

Many long years ago, I used to make book covers. They are extremely easy to make. And, that one's so cute! How sweet of your mom.