Saturday, April 5, 2008

Escape From the Carnivale by Ridley Pearson and Dave Berry

Boy am I glad I bought this book along with the new young adult book that Ridley Pearson was promoting. There were so many people there, that I read almost the entire book while waiting for my turn to get them signed.

Mostly, I bought the book because it is the first in the series, I like the artwork, and I figured why not - I'm bound to like it and this way I get it signed. haha!

This is a young reader book, so the target audience is younger than a young adult book. So while I did enjoy the book, it wasn't as great as a young adult would be for me, but then I am almost 30. However, will that stop me from buying the rest in the series? No. I think kids will enjoy the series and plan to finish themselves and have them for when I eventually have kids. I just hope they like to read. If not, I'll have 3 nieces or nephews by then - so maybe one of them will enjoy them. haha!

This story takes place on Neverland. For those who know the Peter Pan story, this makes sense. While Hook and the lost boys are in the story, they aren't exactly the main characters. Little Scallop is the main character. She is the daughter of the Mollusk tribe that lives on this island. She wants adventure like her older brothers, but her Dad forbids her from doing anything dangerous. One night she goes searching for pearls in Shark Cove along with two young mermaids, something none of them were supposed to be doing. One of the mermaids ends up being caught by a pirate ship and now Little Scallop and the others must figure out how to save her.

young adult/134pgs

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