Saturday, April 5, 2008

Points: The Relationship Survival Guide For People Who Don't Like Relationship Survival Guides by I. Glebe

This is a book on how men can keep from getting in the "hole" or get themselves out of it. The author has basically spelled out what men should do, such as saying I love you and buying her flowers/small gifts once in awhile, give her compliments, etc. You get the idea.

The points come in to it because he says if you do certain things you get certain points and you can use those points to keep you out of the hole when you are late for work, go out with friends, buy a big screen tv, etc.

Overall, I thought the author was funny. However, for my husband and I, it doesn't really apply. He has never been in the doghouse and he does some of the things mentioned that men should do. Plus, I never have to worry about him going out and spending money on big ticket items because, well, he doesn't like to spend money. haha! But, I do suggest that when you are in a bookstore you take a peak at it, the author really is funny and who knows...this might be helpful for you.

new author/non-fiction/186pgs


Athena said...

Yeah, we don't have a doghouse around here either. Flowers and candy don't work for me anyhow. Even jewelry would miss the mark. "Just hand me your wallet and send me off to the bookstore, dear."

Dave said...

Do you ever read any science fiction?

Kris said...

Not really, I read more fantasy than I do science fiction. In fact, can't remember the last science fiction book that I read. haha!