Sunday, April 27, 2008

Future Library

If some of you have been reading my posts, then you notice that I have mentioned having a library in my new house.

The picture is what that room looks like now. Any takers on the light? haha! Nasty huh?

You have to look at it and see the potential. The main wall that you see will be floor to almost ceiling bookshelves. The wall to the left will have my library case that we had in the family room at the old house. The wall to the right has a window in the middle, and that will stay just like it is for now. Well, it has nasty curtains up right now, so that will change. But that's about it. Then the wall opposite the wall with the built in bookcases will be empty as well. I would like to get a comfy chair and an end table and light to go along that wall, but that probably won't happen for awhile. Plus, need to keep this wall available for more bookcases as I out-grow the others. lol! Then the opening, which is what I'm standing in when I took the picture, will have french doors. I joke that it will be locked unless I open it for somebody, but in my dream, it's not a joke. haha!

Not sure when we'll get this built though. We are re-doing the kitchen right away, so that is where all the extra money is going right now. The french doors are probably going in right away because we'll be re-doing the flooring. Oh, forgot to mention the floor. We'll be pulling up the carpet and putting down wood flooring. Opposite the library is the dining room, and then through the dining room is the kitchen. Since we are re-doing the floor in the kitchen, we are going to bring that same floor into the dining room, entry way, and library. So I suppose part of it will be redone right away. However the bookcase won't. I will be able to move my library case in there as soon as the flooring is in though.

Right now, the books just have to be patient and stay in their boxes until it's time to come out and play.

And of course...extra big kudos go to my husband for allowing me to (eventually)fulfill my dream of having a library in our house. I know it's not on the top of the renovations for this house, but I know it will happen. Gotta love him for supporting me with it, especially when he never reads.

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Lezlie said...

Oh! I can't wait to see it when it's done! You're right about the potential there.

Have fun!