Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Historic Photos of St. Louis By Adele Heagney and Jean Gosebrink

This is my type of book. I love photography books, so when I was asked to review this one, I jumped at the chance.

This book shows pictures of St. Louis from the different time periods. Starting in the late 1800's and stopping in the mid 1900's. I'm not that familiar with the city of St. Louis as I probably should be, I've always lived in the suburbs. So this was very interesting for me. I got to see the city in the different time periods. It was fun to see the horses and trolleys in St. Louis, since of course now it is all cars. It was fun to see the different buildings and the way the city grew.

Each picture had a caption telling you what you were seeing. The book was also divided for the different time periods and there was always a page describing the time period and major things that happened in St. Louis during that time.

I was disappointed there weren't more pictures of the city during the depression and WWII. However, I loved the rest of the book. It was fun to see the pictures of my home town as it grew. I think this is a book that many people would find interesting.

new author/non-fiction/199 pgs

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