Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Etsy shop - a bit of advertising

Last month I created an account at Etsy to try and sell some of the Christmas cards and bookmarks that I've made and haven't used.  Then, when December hit, I decided to post these quilling/paper snowflakes that I make.  I was surprised, and excited, by the orders that I received.

I decided to add more items to my shop.  I added baby shower invitations and baby announcements.  Why those two?  Easy answer!  I made both of them earlier this year and had examples already made and so it was easy to list them!

I then played around on Etsy and realized I could create a little advertising to put on my blog, which I have done to both now.

So why am I also creating a post about it?  Well...a little advertising.  I wanted to point it out and ask my faithful readers to keep me in mind next time announcements or invites are needed.  I can do almost any kind, not just baby.   So if you know if somebody who might be in need, please direct them to my shop.  I would really appreciate it!    And....if you are invited to a baby shower, might I suggest giving the Mom-to-be a coupon that says you'll pay for the announcements made by yours truly (aka: ME!) LOL!   No really, I did this for my sister.   I gave your a coupon that said it was good for handmade baby announcements.  I truely believe this is a gift that any Mom-to-be would appreciate it.  It's one less thing they have to worry about once the baby arrives.

Thanks in advance for any word of mouth you provide for me!

oh, and click here to be taken to my store on Etsy. 

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