Saturday, August 14, 2010

Strut your Shelves featuring Melissa from Palmer's Picks for Reading

I've known Melissa for years, long before I started this here blog.  We both happen to belong to the same yahoo group where we talk about, what else, books and reading.

Melissa was kind enough to jump on board and agree to my pleading and feature her shelves on here.  If I must be honest, I've known her for years but I've never seen her shelves!  I can't believe how many she has!  She is one lucky woman to have a husband willing to make shelves to accommodate all the books she has.   In fact, when she sent me the pictures she said "Taking the pictures, I realize I have a crap load of books." lol!  Yes she does! But I, for one, think it's wonderful!  I would rather fill up my house with books instead of a lot of other items people collect.  

Melissa also had this to say about her shelves:
The books on the floor are the ARCs that I have been sent to review.  The ceiling shelves are over top of the doorways in our hallways--Lucky built me shelves whereever he could.

The books aren't really organized anymore because I have too many but the scary thing is I can usually remember what shelf section the book is in.  

If you haven't checked out Melissa's blog, Palmer's Picks for Reading, I highly recommend it.  The reviews are short and sweet and to the point. They are perfect for somebody like me who doesn't have time to read a lot of posts every day and quickly falls behind in my blog reading.   I'm constantly adding young adult titles to my wish list thanks to her, and cozy mysteries, she's a cozy fan too. 

Without further ado, here are her shelves: (you can click on each picture to view a bigger version if you wish)

I want to know what that fancy looking book is under Breaking Dawn (at least I think it's Breaking Dawn..I do believe it's one of the Twilight saga books anyway).  I sure hope the ones on the shelves above the doors are ones you have already read!  I can picture myself falling off a ladder trying to get a book down, I'm such a klutz.

Thanks Melissa for agreeing to appear on Strut your Shelves, I don't know about anybody else but I enjoyed looking at your shelves and books. 

(If you would like to be featured on Strut Your Shelves, please email me at  Don't forget, you don't have to blog to be featured, you just need to have books on shelves.)


bermudaonion said...

Wow! I feel much better about the madness I have here. I can usually remember where my books are too! I'm going to check out Melissa's blog now.

Melissa Palmer said...

Hi Kris,

Thanks for showing off my book house :) That fancy looking book below Breaking Dawn is the complete works of Jane Austen, my favorite!

Serena said...

looks like she's got someone handy to build those shelves in the house!

Dru said...

WOW, Melissa has a lot of books. I would be in heaven surrounded by those books and I bet it's fun picking a book to read.

Kris said...

Bermudaonion - I can usually remember where my books are too, even if it seems disorganized. I wonder if that's something pretty common with us book lovers.

Melissa - you're welcome! ah..thanks for letting me know what book that fancy one was.

Serena - I think I need to borrow her husband for a bit so he can build my bookshelves. lol

Dru - it would be wonderful to be surrounded by all those books wouldn't it?

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

OMG...That looks a bit overwhelming to me, but I do love seeing that other book lovers are as out of control or more so than me....LOL