Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

#4 Night Huntress Seies
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Avon
Genre: mystery
Pages: 385
Challenges: Series Challenge
Author's Website
My rating: 4/5

Simple Description:
This 4th book in the series finds Cat and Bones on a much needed vacation.  Unfortunately, it seems the two of them can't go long without there being some kind of crisis.  This one begins when Cat has some disturbing dreams and soon realizes that they are being caused by another vampire known as the Dreamsnatcher.

This dreamsnatcher, aka Gregor, is after Cat and says she is his wife, not Bones.  Cat doesn't remember anything but soon that mystery is revealed too and it doesn't leave her very happy.  She doesn't like having her memory played with.

Soon it becomes clear that Bones and Cat will not have peace until Gregor is stopped, but how to do that?  It's bad enough that Cat has Gregor after her but when she finds that the ghouls are after her and worried she is trying to be some kind of half-vampire, half-human, half-ghoul, her life is in even more danger than it was already.  When she takes matters into her own hands, things go from bad to worse.

Now what you really want to know....my thoughts:
I loved this book too!  At this point, I just want to say how happy I am that the three books I finished during the Thankfully Reading Weekend were all great reads and I highly enjoyed them all.

Now, regarding this book.  This series is one of my favorite paranormal series.  It's so much fun.  I just love Cat and Bones.  They are both such strong characters and while it means they get along well, they also take matters into their own hands which causes issues in their relationship, which just makes for an interesting story.  If you like paranormal books, books dealing with vampires and the un-dead, then I highly recommend this series..but it is best to read them in order.

This book is part of my collection and was either bought or given to me.

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