Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Smile - Where I babble because I don't have a photo photo's this week.  I've been spending about 90% of my free time in the evenings working on my Christmas cards. I'm so behind this year!  Normally I have them made and in envelopes ready to be mailed before Thanksgiving.  I hope to finish this weekend, well, really, I hope to finish tonight so I can mail them tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

Tomorrow is my Mom's annual family Christmas party, I mentioned it in the Virtual Advent Tour post I created not too long ago. I've been looking forward to that darn party mix for weeks now.  I love my family, but I'm really only going for the party mix. Shh...don't tell anybody.

Last night I played 2 soccer games.  Normally I only have one but after ours was finished our goalie was playing with his other team and needed a girl sub, and I was the only one available.  I'm sure that's not why he asked me though. At least that's what I keep telling myself.   I'm even more terrified of the ball than I was before.  In 4 games, I've been hit in the face 3 times.   Yikes!  The last one was last Thursday and my nose is still sore.

I went to a sports medicine dr to look at my knee.  As usual I'm told nothing is wrong with me.  He just said not to sit in the positions that make it hurt.  When I told Husband, he just grinned and said "And yet another "pain" that the Dr's can't find a reason for."  He thinks it's all in my head. Maybe he should have pain in his knee?   When I was at my Dr's apt he asked me which I liked better, running or playing soccer. I had to answer honestly and say running.  I played soccer 1st grade through 12th and thought about playing at the college level but didn't think I was good enough.  I only started running for a sport my freshman year in high school. I love soccer, I love playing it.  However there is just something about running that captures my heart and makes me love it more.

Speaking of running, still have pain in my heel from the 10 mile race I did the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I need to start training for a 15k race I'm doing in February.  Sure, it's only 9.3 miles and I know I can do that mileage, but instead of being flat like the 10 mile one was, this one is 90% hills. I know this because it's a trail run at the local state park I run at on the weekends.  I'm excited for it, first time I'll be running it. I hope I'm not last, they only let 400 register because of the trails.   In fact, here's a map of the course.  Looks tough doesn't it?  Makes you think I'm nuts right?  The good thing is that while I tend to get lost on the trails, I pretty much know where that course is taking me and can duplicate it (until I get lost at least).  So as long as I can train to do that course I'll feel confident.  This is just the boost I need to make sure I get out in the nasty cold weather and run.

Well, that's all for me.  Thanks for listening to me babble and I hope you enjoy your weekend.


Mari said...

Our cards are sitting on my desk too - I haven't had time to address them. The holiday party is over (last night) and I have a 20 mile run today so maybe I will start tonight when I will be doing nothing but sitting on the sofa!

Sorry to hear you still have the injury, be smart with your training... no need to make things worse. Have you been to a doctor to understand what's going on?

Wish me luck today... I'm heading out in about 30 minutes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kris said...

Mari - I hope the 20 miler went well! Sometimes I envy those of you who can (and do) run that kind of mileage, and sometimes I just think your crazy. lol

I saw a dr. for my knee and was basically told nothing was wrong and just don't sit in position that then make it hurt when I stand up. easier said than done. Plus, I did a p90x workout on Saturday that involved lunges and squats and my knee was hurting from those. So something is wrong, even if it doesn't hurt when I walk or run. I might try to do more squats and lunges and see if that strengthens it and makes it better. I don't know.