Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Smile - Slides to digital - The Dog Edition

Earlier this year I sent off some slides that my Mom has from when I was young and from before I was born to be scanned and the digital copies put on a CD.  It's the first time we've done something like this and so I randomly picked some slide packets, held slides up to a light and selected some I thought were promising.  I figured if we liked how they turned out, we could eventually do this for all the slides.  I finally got the CD back mid April and some of the photo's are awesome!  I'm so glad I decided to do this.    I thought I would start sharing some of my favorites with you.

This is the dog edition.   Enjoy!

What a picture!  Those two look so miserable.  They had so much fun playing in the mud but now want to come in and nap and they can't because they are messy!  This picture was taken before I was born.  I can't remember if Mooger, the black dog, was alive still when I was born or not. I want to say yes, but I can't remember.  I'm pretty sure the St. Bernard is Baroness and I did have the pleasure of knowing her.

This is me with the first dog we had named Kelsey. I've shown you pictures of me with Kelsey before. I loved this dog, so super friendly and cuddly. 

This is my Dad with Kelsey. I just love this picture.  I'm not entirely sure why, I just do.  It must be his expression. 

Oh, and if you are interested in what company I used for the slide to digital conversion here's the info.  I used ScanDigital. It was $0.68 per slide.  I had a Groupon so I got it at a pretty good price. I can't remember what I paid but I think it was $50 for $100.  I was nervous about sending off our slides and not ever having used the company before but I worried for nothing.   The slides came back great, the product is awesome.  I'm very happy with the results.  My only complaint is that I sent in the slides the end of January and just received the finished product on April 18th.  However, the groupon expired the end of January and I would imagine a lot of others procrastinated like I did and send in their goods in January.  So they must have had a pretty high volume.  Of course, I had to pay for shipping both ways..but I guess that's to be expected.


bermudaonion said...

They turned out terrific! I love the picture of the two dogs too!

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Bermudaonion - It's quite a picture isn't it? :)