Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: uCertify

I was recently offered the opportunity to review the test prepping software by uCertify.   I'm currently studying for another IT certificate so I took advantage of this opportunity.   I am aware that most of you don't work in the IT field, but I know some do.  Plus, you might know of others who are planning to get a IT certification and they might be interesting in a program like this.

uCertify offers practice exams and help with a lot of different IT certificates.  I actually used them when I was studying for my A+ certification about 3 years ago.   I did pass both tests and get my certification and I believe using this software helped me.

This time around I'm working on my MCITP (Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional): Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician.   It's been slow going as there are a lot of versions of windows 7 and several different ways to upgrade an existing pc. 

While I'm still reading the book for the first exam, I've also been playing around with the uCertify test prep as a way to see where I'm at and get comfortable with the testing again.

The uCertify test prep for exam 70-680 contains 5 main practice tests, each has 65 questions.  There is also a diagnostic test (15 questions), and interactive quiz (130 questions), and an adaptive test.  You also have the ability to create a custom test.   Each test has a time limit, you can play around with the time if you want.  I try to keep the time at what the time would be for an official test.  This way I'm more prepared when test time arrives. 

The tests aren't the only thing you can use uCertify for though.   I love the How To section.  I can't always practice how to do something hands on, so being able to at least see the steps with screen shots really helps.  Sure, my book does that to a point but it helps get read other wording. 

The Key Terms and concepts section is a life saver too.  I am horrible at remember key terms and having a section with a lot of them listed that I can read through and study from helps tremendously. 

There is also a study helper section that I've browsed and think will be a great resource.  There are 8 sections that go over some of the key things I'll need to know, such as deploying win 7 and configuring Backup and Recovery options.

Overall, I feel like this software will really help me learn the material and become comfortable with the process so when it's time to take the test I'll be ready.  If you are planning on taking a test, I recommend looking into uCertify to see if they offer a test prep for the exam you will be taking.

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